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On Saturday the 13 july 2013 the fifth Trollveggen Triathlon will be contested in one of Norway`s wildest and most beautiful natural landscapes, in Romsdal.

The mountain peaks that comprise Trollveggen are the tallest rock wall in Europe at 1800 metres in height of which 1000 metres are completely vertical. On course to completing the race you will pass the mountain peaks of Bispen, Dronninga, Kongen and Trollveggen, and you will cycle up fabulous Trollstigen (The Troll Ladder). This is a unique triathlon course for all those who enjoy mountain environments and rugged, beautiful nature of Norway.

Trollveggen Triathlon starts with a swim in the green fjord of Isfjord (Ice Fjord-although the expected water temperature is 15C). The swim is a circut of 600 metres in the unspoiled harbour of Åndalsnes. You will swim two circuits for a total of 1200 metres.

This is an intimate race that brings contestants and the public together and this makes it more fun for everyone. The bronze winner from Norseman 2009, and journalist Vibeke Nørstebø, had the following to say about this year`s race:

"After the swim the bike course follows the flat floor of Isterdal valley inland for 12 km. And then the hard climb begins up world famous Trollstigen (the Troll ladder), 9 km of climbing to T2 at 750 Metres above sea level.  The Troll ladder is a narrow, steep and winding road with fabulous views. On the way up you are cooled by the spray from the waterfalls that cascade down the mountainside, and you are cheered all the way up by the many impressed tourists that are visiting this renowned natural attraction"

T2 is at the top of Trollstigen, and from here the contestants run up the mountains trails over rocks, scree, and snow to the finish line on Stabbeskraet, 1450 metres above sea level. Total 5,7 km. At the top contestants are rewarded with unbelievable views over Romsdal valley.

The finish line is right by the sheer drop of Trollveggen, Europe`s highest vertical rock wall, so contestants need to remember to stop running once they pass the finish line, as beyond lies a one thousand metre drop.

One could spend a lifetime looking for a more spectacular triathlon course and finish. The natural landscape throughout the bike and run are so impressive that the contestants forget how exhausted the are.

From the race report of one of this year`s competitors:
"I finish off by offering my congratulations. This was one of the most stunning and amazing races I have taken part in ( and I have participated in something like 450 races over the 30 yeras I have been competing)! I am definitely coming back again, and I`m going to sing the praises of this event to everyone I meet."


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